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Focuses on consistency and process control, have QC at site for each procedure
Quality Control
Quality Control
Juxin obtained the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification in 2014.
For each product, Juxin carries out the quality planning for the parts from the beginning of the design to the quality control.
Pay attention to the consistency of products and drawings; strictly control the process control, quality control for each process.
Implement flow chart to monitor each process and IPQC inspects the production line every two hours.
The test contents are as follows:
1. Pre-planned inspection, including inspection of tooling, equipment and production process.
2. Incoming materials shall be inspected by QC before the materials are put into production.
3. IPQC carries out sampling inspection on each process of the production.
4. Use the spectrometer to test the chemical composition on site, and the quality control engineer will issue the report.
5. With the projector, optical measuring instrument or calipers to check the size, QC engineer to issue a report.
6. If required by customers, the corresponding mechanical performance test will be carried out.
7. Custom-made some special inspection gauges, such as go and no-go gauge, block gauge, PIN gauge
8. For key dimensions, 100% test will be conducted during final inspection, and the inspection report will be issued to the customer for approval before shipment.
Design Control
Design Control
Juxin has high technology and experience R&D engineers. Our developing engineers use PRO-E, Solid Works, Master CAM, and CAD for 3D model. We design appropriate pattern of runner & gate and gate location according to different parts’ shapes to avoid cavity shrinkage, porosity, slag and metal inclusion defects, and choose the feasible assembly clustered pattern to do the sample trial making and record the best manufacturing conditions.
The samples are tried out and evaluated by professional engineers, we can carry out NDT Liquid Penetrant, Magnetic Powder and X-Ray Examination according to clients’ request, then make formulation of SOP and SIP accordingly.
To provide high quality products to customer, Juxin follows the tolerance issued by America Investment Casting Institute and the VDG-P690. All of the production and inspections are performed according to the ASTM, DIN, BS, JIS standards.
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