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Operation steps of shell making in precision casting

To complete a casting process of precision casting, in addition to a suitable casting process, it must be correct The shell-making procedures. Before starting to make the shell, let's first understand the requirements that need to be met, mainly in terms of environment, including temperature, humidity, and wind speed, etc., which must be controlled within the allowable range.

Then you can start the shell-making process of precision casting. The first step is to check the viscosity of the slurry and make a record; at the same time, check the integrity of the module and the compatibility of the equipment and the normal status. The second step is to remove the module, pre-wet in the silicon solution glue and hang it on the shelf to remove the silica sol; and slowly extend the module into the slurry at an angle of 30°-45° and rotate it 2-3 Take it out after the circle.

If you find defects such as blind holes, grooves, sharp corners, etc. on the casting, you have to put it in the slurry and rotate it at a faster speed to take out the module. The purpose is to form a complete and uniform mold on the module. Coating. Then blow all the bubbles on the module, blow the slurry evenly, and while rotating, enter the floating sand in the sand shower. Finally, take out the module and hang it on the shelf, and place it for an appropriate time according to the product structure to make it solidify.

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