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Difficulty of heat treatment process for high manganese steel castings

There are many types of castings, and the related processes involved in different castings are also different. Among the many castings, there are thick-walled large-scale high manganese steels. Casting is relatively difficult. For this type of casting, how should its heat treatment process be implemented?

Because high manganese steel has worse thermal conductivity than ordinary carbon steel parts, it is easy to cause stress when heated, so the corresponding deformation must be taken into account during heat treatment to reduce cracking and deformation. In actual operation, it is necessary to first heat the thick-walled large-scale high-manganese steel castings to a certain temperature and conduct heat preservation pretreatment, so that part of the austenite can undergo eutectoid decomposition, and the purpose is to refine the austenite grains.

Follow fast heating, and also keep warm. In this process, you must avoid excessive heating temperature and long holding time, otherwise it will easily cause serious decarburization on the surface of the casting. After that, rapid water cooling and water toughening treatment are required, and on the basis of the water toughening treatment, an intermediate temperature treatment at 450°C for 8 hours is required to harden the casting, increase its yield strength, and increase abrasion resistance.

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