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Method of Welding Repair of Cast Iron in Dongguan Foundry

Methods of Welding Repair for Cast Iron Welding repair tools are very hard to find. And order welding, followed by electric bay welding and —: carbon oxide gas protection photo. According to the welding iI olive [Yi Fu Jiu Tan Yin welding repair can also be divided into heat welding method (including ya hot welding), without training according to the gallbladder recovery (fear of heating independent area Ru) Sichuan arc cold welding method.

(1) Hot welding times: before welding, preheat a workpiece or elbow to the left of 60 o ℃, after welding, take a cold y2G 50-70 o ℃ A: Wen Lijiu sister Yang force. Before umbrella heat deep foot welding, turn the workpiece into a preheated coin at 40 o ℃, and punch after welding. The warm-up month is to reduce the speed of the drama, which is conducive to the precipitation of stone fruits and prevents the formation of avian organization. At the same time, preheat the welding pieces to reduce the difference between the 1'welding zone and the workpiece, thereby reducing the welding heat resistance* and preventing cracks. Hot photos are mostly used for gas welding and electric arc welding of cast iron cored electrodes and cored graphite electrodes.

(2) Welding pool without preheating (including the pool in the heating reduction zone): Before burning:]: The parts are not preheated or the reduction zone is properly heated for welding repair, this method is more used-T: "Journal is 1 cast iron ; Castor electrode and steel; Arc welding with exposed graphitized electrode.

(3) Arc cold welding method; this method is used for welding with non-cast iron structure electrodes. Compared with the non-preheating welding method, although the part is not preheated, the characteristics of the 4R process are completely different.

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