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A machine element, also known as a machine part, is the basic element that constitutes a machine, and is an inseparable single piece that composes a machine and a machine. Mechanical parts are not only a discipline to study and design mechanical basic parts in various equipment, but also a general term for parts and components.

A discipline that studies and designs mechanical basic parts in various equipment, and is also a general term for parts and components. The specific content of mechanical parts as a discipline includes: the connection of zero (parts) parts. Such as threaded connection, wedge connection, pin connection, key connection, spline connection, interference fit connection, elastic ring connection, riveting, welding and gluing, etc.

Mechanical transmissions such as belt drives, friction wheel drives, key drives, harmonic drives, gear drives, rope drives and screw drives that transmit motion and energy, as well as corresponding shafting systems such as drive shafts, couplings, clutches and brakes Zero (parts) parts. Zero (parts) parts that play a supporting role, such as bearings, boxes and machine bases. Lubrication systems and seals for lubrication. Springs and other zero (parts) parts. As a discipline, mechanical parts start from the whole of mechanical design, and comprehensively use the results of various related disciplines to study the principles, structures, characteristics, applications, failure modes, bearing capacity and design procedures of various basic parts; research and design basic parts. Theories, methods and principles, and thus established a theoretical system of this discipline combined with practice, have become an important basis for research and design of machinery.


Since the advent of machinery, there have been corresponding mechanical parts. But as a discipline, mechanical parts are separated from mechanics and mechanics. With the development of the machinery industry, the emergence of new design theories and methods, new materials and new processes, mechanical parts have entered a new stage of development. Theories such as finite element method, fracture mechanics, elastohydrodynamic lubrication, optimization design, reliability design, computer-aided design (CAD), solid modeling (Pro, Ug, Solidworks, etc.), system analysis and design methodology, etc., have gradually developed. For the research and design of mechanical parts. To better realize the integration of various disciplines, realize the combination of macro and micro, explore new principles and structures, use more dynamic design and precise design, make more effective use of electronic computers, and further develop design theories and methods. An important trend in the development of a discipline.

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