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The pressure in the wax cylinder of the wax injection machine is provided by an external air pump, which should generally be maintained between 0.5~0.7at (or kgf/cm2), that is, 0.051~0.071Bar, or according to the volume and complexity of the wax model. Make appropriate adjustments. Before injecting wax, the plastic mold should be opened first to check the integrity and cleanliness of the plastic mold. If it is a used plastic mold, you should spray dewaxing agent (you can also sprinkle a small amount of talc powder) on the plastic mold, especially the small and complex shapes, to facilitate the removal of the wax mold; secondly, the wax injection machine should be preheated, Turn on the air pump and adjust the pressure and temperature.

When injecting wax, you should clamp the plastic mold in the splint (which can be plexiglass, wood, aluminum, etc.) with both hands. Pay attention to the distribution of your fingers so that the plastic mold is evenly pressed; The wax nozzle is advanced in parallel. After the wax nozzle is firmly injected, the hands do not move. Gently step on the wax injection switch with your feet and release it immediately. The mold has a bottom, the bottom of the mold should be pulled out first), and the wax mold is taken out. After the wax mold is taken out, check it carefully. If there are serious problems such as missing edges and broken feet, such a wax mold is a waste product. If it is some relatively small defects, the wax model should be trimmed.

Trimming the wax model

Generally speaking, the wax model taken out after wax injection will have some problems more or less, such as flash, multiple edges, broken claws, visible blisters, partial or overall structural deformation, small holes, flower heads The lines are not clear, the flower head takes the edge, etc. For defects such as flash, multiple edges, unclear flower heads, and flower heads overlapping edges, a surgical blade can be used to repair them; for trachoma and broken claws, a welding wax machine can be used for welding repair; small holes can be penetrated with a welding needle; for wax The deformation of the mold can be corrected in hot water at 40~50℃.

In addition, for rings with different hand sizes, if you wait until the mold is executed and then change the ring, it will undoubtedly be labor-intensive and material-intensive. Therefore, the general production enterprises directly change the finger ring when repairing the wax mold. It is very convenient to use a welding wax device to change the finger ring. After welding, you can trim the welding seam with a blade.

Welding tree group

After the wax model is trimmed, wax trees need to be planted before further operations can be carried out.

To plant a wax tree is to weld the prepared wax mold to a wax rod in layers along the circumferential direction with a wax welding device in a certain order, so that a wax tree with a shape similar to a big tree is finally obtained. The wax tree is then poured into gypsum and other processes. The basic requirement for planting wax trees is that the wax molds should be arranged in an orderly manner. The key is that the wax molds should not be in contact with each other, so as to maintain a certain gap and weld the wax molds on the wax tree as much as possible. It is necessary to "plant" as many wax molds as possible on a wax tree to meet the needs of mass production.

A wax tree must be "planted" on a circular rubber base. The diameter of this rubber chassis is matched to the inner diameter of the stainless steel barrel. The diameter of the general rubber chassis is 3 inches, 3.5 inches and 4 inches. There is a protruding circular concave hole in the center of the chassis, and the diameter of the concave hole is equivalent to the diameter of the wax rod of the wax tree. The first step of "planting wax trees" is to dip the head of the wax stick in some melted wax liquid, and insert it into the concave hole of the chassis while it is still hot, so that the wax stick and the concave hole are firmly combined. The second step is to weld the wax model on the wax stick layer by layer, starting from the bottom of the wax stick (from bottom to top) or from the top of the wax stick (from top to bottom). If the technique of "planting trees" is relatively skilled, there is little difference between the two methods; however, there are generally more methods that start from the head of the wax stick (from top to bottom), because the biggest advantage of this method is that it can prevent The melted wax drips onto the welded wax pattern, which can avoid unnecessary rework caused by the dripping of wax.

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