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Acceptance of hardware accessories

After the hardware accessories arrive at the warehouse, the warehouse manager will notify the professional department for inspection: 

1. The metal material is inspected by the tooling department; 

2. Other mechanical and electrical products and hardware accessories are inspected by the Electrical and Mechanical Department; 

3. The special hardware distribution will be inspected by the mechanical and electrical contact department. The materials that have passed the inspection will be checked in the warehouse after the correct quantity and go through the warehousing procedures [2] .

Development barriers

The following are the factors restricting the development of hardware accessories industry

1. Leading effect

In a specific environment, because a specific technology or brand is ahead of other companies in the same industry, it will inevitably drive the development of the entire company. For example, hardware locks, hardware locks can be found everywhere in the hardware market, with brands and no brands. With the launch of this new product on the market and good economic benefits, this leading product will inevitably drive the overall development of hardware lock enterprises, and take a big step forward in giving priority to the success of the same industry.

2. Lock-in effect

When users transfer from one brand of technology to another brand of technology, they must pay a certain cost for this transfer. Users are locked in when transfer costs are too high to discourage users. When a high-tech product is successfully developed and won the market, it is easy to grasp the future market and take the initiative in the fierce competition. This is also applicable in the hardware market. Invest first. When the cost of hardware is too high, it will inevitably be discouraged by users. However, once this hardware product is recognized, then this hardware product will inevitably lead the industry and promote the development of the industry.

3. Matthew effect

This is a winner-take-all era, where the rich have more resources—money, honor, and status—while the poor have nothing. The poor get poorer and the rich get richer. People with many friends will make more friends through frequent contacts, while people who lack friends are often lonely all the time; people who are famous will have more opportunities to show their faces, so they will be more famous.

4. Gear effect

Large enterprises will not develop if they do not develop. Once they develop, small enterprises will be left far behind. The gear effect is also applicable in the hardware market. Some large enterprises have advantages in resources, money, contacts, information, etc. Once they develop, they will take a big step; while small enterprises are limited by resources such as funds, talents and information. Development is relatively slow, or even stagnant. Such large enterprises are increasingly surpassing small enterprises in the same industry and gradually become the industry leaders.

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